Ways you can help

Duffel Bags for Israel

The Suffolk Y JCC and Mid Island Y JCC is collaborating with the East Northport Jewish Center (ENJC) to get much needed supplies directly to IDF Units. This project was developed and is spearheaded by Terri Ackerman, a member of the Israel Committee at ENJC and local Commack resident. Her cousin in Israel communicates directly with IDF base personnel so that the wish list posted here is updated frequently to include the most needed items.

Since October 7, over 100, 50 pound duffel bags filled with items such as; of protein bars, multi-tools, medical supplies, fleece jackets, socks, headlamps, and of course letter of hope and gratitude.

See below for ways you can help.

Donate to Ship Duffels:

Donate money to cover the cost of shipping the duffel bags or towards the cost of shipping the duffel bags.
Any amount is helpful.
Cost per bag is $50

Donate Items:

Help purchase items included in this list, that will be packed up and sent to IDF Soldiers and displaced families in Israel.

To view the list of items needed, please

Volunteer to Pack:

If you are interested to volunteer to help back duffel bags, please

Volunteer to Drive Bags:

We need volunteers to help drive the packed duffel bags to JFK Airport. If you have an SUV, minivan or pickup truck, you may have the opportunity to do a mitzvah for Israeli soldiers.

The volunteer must be the driver of their own car, have Terri Ackerman be the passenger, and have room for 5 or more duffel bags in your vehicle.  The day and time will be determined based upon the flight schedule of the passenger volunteering to check in extra donation bags. Once at JFK, you may help Terri unload the bags onto a baggage cart.  Once Terri goes into the EL AL terminal, you will need to find a place to wait about an hour (sometimes longer) for her to go through security with the passenger and the donation bags.  A good place to wait is the cell phone lot.  When Terri finishes checking in the bags, she will call you to come back for her.

If you would like to volunteer, please

Traveling to Israel?

If you have an upcoming trip to Israel on EL AL, you have the opportunity to do a mitzvah for Israeli soldiers!

All you need to do is have Terri Ackerman meet you at JFK Airport when you check in for your flight, and tell the security agent you are sending donation bags.  When they ask you who packed the bags, you will tell them Terri Ackerman packed them.  They will then ask Terri all the security questions, and your responsibility is done!  Each donation bag costs $50 to send as extra baggage.  Terri will pay all the fees with donation money, unless you wish to contribute to the cost of sending one or more bags.  Once the bags are checked, you do not need to do anything else, other than let Terri take a picture of the baggage claim tickets.  When you land in Tel Aviv and proceed to the baggage claim area to pick up your personal checked bag, you do not need to do anything with the donation bags.  Just leave them on the carousel, and an EL AL agent will take the bags and call Terri’s cousin to come pick them up!  It’s a very simple way to help get needed supplies into the hands of IDF soldiers!

If you are interested, please

Am Yisrael Chai Crossbody Bags for Sale

Purchase a crossbody bag in support of Israel, specifically designed by Terri Ackerman. All proceeds support the duffels for Israel project.

Fee $36 each

All purchases will need to be picked up after ordering.

To purchase, please

Israel Emergency Fund

UJA Federation New York is working to make emergency cash assistance for victims in Israel. Critically needed trauma counseling. Care for children in shelters. Burial expenses. Funds to relocate people to safer areas. The needs are without precedent and mounting every day.

By making a gift, you’re ensuring that we can strengthen these critical efforts in the days and weeks ahead. Please give as generously as possible.

Care Packages to Special Units of the Israel Defense Forces

Through the Ben Dror Family we will be securing donations to purchase and arrange for the shipment of care packages in support of IDF soldiers.

All packages will be distributed directly to special units of the IDF by Madison Aid.

These packages will be delivered directly through EL-AL Airlines from JFK Airport to Israel.

Each care package will include necessities such as underwear, undershirts, socks, and energy bars.

Solidarity Tags 

Don’t let hope fade. Wear a solidarity tag, the primary symbol of our mission demonstrating our unwavering commitment to bringing hostages and missing people home. Wear your tag loud and proud. Share their story. Stand with us and give your tag a voice.

Donate $75 and receive 5 solidarity tags

To Donate, please

Widows of Warriors 

Join us in supporting the courageous wives of fallen IDF soldiers.

Donation Collection 

Feedback from our country and reserve units emphasizes the immense significance of the donations we gather. We appreciate your generosity.

If you wish, we have established an emergency fund at RCFI that we would appreciate your help in distributing within your community. The funds go directly to the reserve units and the kibbutzim in the vicinity of Gaza.

AJC’s Israel Emergency Campaign

100% of donations received will go to frontline Israeli NGOs engaged in desperately needed relief efforts.

Donate Today.

United Hatzalah

Help support United Hatzalah as they continue to put their lives on the line to fight during these dark times.

Donate Today.

MYSHN – Mid-Island Youth Supporting and Helping our Neighbors

MYSHN is a teen philanthropy group at the Mid-Island Y JCC. In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Israel, this group is raising money for the UJA Emergency Israel Fund to support the people of Israel in the following ways:

Emergency cash assistance for victims of terror
Critically needed trauma counseling
Care for children in shelters
Burial expenses
Funds to relocate people to safer areas

Donate Today.

ERAN Organization in Israel 

The ERAN organization in Israel is a non-profit that has provided lifesaving emotional first aid services for over 50 years. ERAN offers initial response and emotional support FREE of charge, on the phone and online while maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity. ERAN services are provided mostly by volunteers in Israel and are also supposed by volunteers on three additional continents. There is a large group of ERAN volunteers in New York, many of whom spend the last few nights on calls with hundreds of Israelis who need emotional support.

Since Saturday, and due to the dire situation in Israel the average number of calls that ERAN volunteers receive daily increase by more than 375% to 3,000 calls daily. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, ERAN’s budget was cut by the Israeli government.

Please help keep this critical organization alive, especially during this time.

To donate, please

Donations Organized by JNF

Jewish National Fund is seeking donations for its Israel Resilience Campaign as it focuses on providing aid to residents near the Gaza border.

Donate Today.

We Support Israel- lawn signs for sale

Show your support of Israel with a lawn sign available for purchase in the SYJCC and MIYJCC lobbies.

Suggested donation $10

100% of the proceeds go to Moshav Netiv HaAsara which was attached on October 7, 2023.

One Minute a Day

Take one minute a day and make a call to keep the pressure going on to BRING THEM HOME.